A Fireside Chat With: WAR Server Types

Here at Overly Positive, we don’t want to just have me posting all the time about the good things about the seemingly worst of geek media. Sometimes we like to invite some other voices onto the program to help us out. So today, I’d like to introduce a couple of guests – Warhammer Online’s Core and Open RvR server types – to have a great and awesome discussion about what they both bring to the table – one that will be no doubt interesting, insightful, and of course, positive. So without further ado, take it away!

Core: My gratitude! I think I would like to begin our little chat by saying that I have a lot to offer all those WAR players out there. For one thing, I am the original vision of the game. I was around when the game started and, my friends, I will probably be around when the game ends. I am how the game was meant to played, you see, so that automatically makes me the golden child. So if you want to have a true WAR experience, you definitely have to be in my cup of tea.

Open: Well, that IS quite capital, Core, but if you want to wax poetic about true “WAR”, you simply CANNOT go wrong with me. Perhaps, my dear acquaintance, you had not caught that big old slogan that they have simply been plastering all over the place. Let me give you a little reminder – “WAR is everywhere”. Surely that has to literally be true – why else would they say it, after all? Now if you want WAR everywhere, you have to actually have it where you are actually in a WAR, flagged, all the time, ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. I would have to say that is most certainly more authentic and real for our players.

Core: Tut tut, my good, yet latecoming friend! Surely you must realize that this is, after all, a game. Games are meant to be fun, after all. If there was “real” WAR, why, our players would be all dead within minutes of playing, and would have to start over when they died! The only “real” part players would get is “real angry”. Since when is real, actual WAR any fun anyway? Look at the world wars, the War of the Roses, Carthage, Rome! I could continue…

Open: How cheeky of you to declare such exaggerations, sir Core! I was merely speaking of the real feeling of combat, the visceral nature of violent blades and magic, the dread, fear, and savage hunt that awaits around every corner! Why, my players will feel the adrenaline of being attacked, instead of, well…perhaps a kind of watered down experience where someone can look at their enemy and somehow, not be able to raise their weapon against them. I do have to say, it seems quite boring! Players for WAR want to have the bloodthirst for their enemy, the sating of their seething hate, the-

Core: Well, well, now who’s exaggerating?

Open: Certainly neither of us. I simply have what the players want.

Core: Well then, Open, my good chap, let us discuss the finer points of our players. I daresay that I will command a greater portion of players that will know honorable combat. Certainly there will be none of the base nature of the unwashed masses on MY servers. We will have an experience free of immaturity and while there will be many a spirited discussion, we will all have respect for each other’s skills in mortal combat. Why we may even thank one another for a good battle fought.

Open: Now, I am certainly not trying to be insulting, Core, but that sounds TERRIBLY like a bear who cares a little too much about staring happily at their sworn, non-bear enemies!

Core: Well, you certainly seem to like causing some grief about it. It doesn’t surprise me, though I am certainly NOT begrudging you your “community’s” playstyle by saying it, oh no. Barbarism and savagery has its place even in our civilized society, after all.

Open: You would be hard-pressed to survive my servers’ society, my fine sheep in WAR’s clothing. My players will be molded by hours, perhaps days of constant conflict. We will have the more exciting, the more widespread, the more inspiring battles. We will have realm pride – not the kind shared with each other, but the kind reserved only for our allies, because the kind of hate we rain down on our enemies will certainly not be shared among our peers. They will, of course, be hardened to the CORE. We will throw swords and spears, not /wave emotes and stuffed toys.

Core: Well I simply do not see why you’d be so stuffy about it, speaking of that. It’s not like you have to have your people play with my servers.

Open: I could say the same about your masses. But of course, we must prove which one of us is the greater.

Core: Maybe if it was the greater knave, you would certainly win. I have a feeling you might want to perhaps return to some World of Waylaying, where you belittle others.

Open: Well I would then have to say if you cannot take a real discussion, you should just continue to lament with greater emphasis, my neophyte.

Core: How dare you level a gibe at me, good sir!

Open: How dare YOU attack me ad hominem, good gentleman!

Core and Open: I simply HATE trolls.

Core: Well…at least we do have SOMETHING in common.

Open: What’s that?

Core: We both have a chicken.

Open: Well, I don’t really want it, or know what to do with it.

Core: Neither do I.

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