The Titanic Dark Knight

With so few movies among today’s jaded geek crowd that draws any kind of attention this year, you’d think that nothing could really bring any enjoyment these days. However, the exception appears to be, at least these days, bleak movies with a touch of seriousness added to a well-known geek icon.

So it should be no surprise that The Dark Knight is creating some record numbers. There’s even talk that it may threaten the top grossing movie of all time, currently belonging to Titanic.

Now folks, normally I’m not one for online campaigns and petitions. I appreciate the sentiment, don’t get me wrong. I just think that there are more effective ways of getting things done than creating a online list of names that will probably only be read by 2 people at most who have any power to change things. But this is different.

For years, the geeks have sat silent, sullen that a love-fest movie like Titanic took the title from Star Wars. Sure, we tried to say “good show” to those familes, elderly folks, and treehuggers who saw the movie at least 10 times, inflating its numbers to what appeared to be near ridiculous proportions. But inside, we were waiting for an opportunity to take the title back. And now, you’ve never been closer than ever.

So this little known blog is calling on as many of you to post “Sink the Titanic, Dark Knight!” and call on as many of your comic-obsessed geek friends to put themselves through the turnstile at least 1 or 2 times. Go with friends, go with their friends, go with their significant others who have to be drugged or drunk to go along – anything to increase the box office revenue for everyone’s favorite newly moody Caped Crusader. Yeah, those of you who are a bit challenged in the wallet have probably already seen it through a torrent of other means (see what I did there) but I challenge you to get off your downloading butt and put yourself in teh theatre for 90 minutes. You can at least kill some time waiting for the next batch of illicit content coming to your computer, right?

Even if we don’t crack that huge ship with the likes of the Joker, we’ll come pretty close, I’d say. As of this writing, The Dark Knight looks to cash in $400 million. That basically means it needs $235 million more by a generous estimate to defeat that masterpiece of a marketing movie that your mom thinks was the best thing since sliced bread or the cotton gin.

I hope someone joins me in this mildly futile gesture of one-upsmanship, if for nothing else to score a victory for ourselves before the next daily ribbing about being into cartoons, games starring a pixellated boob job of an adventure hero, and  that “role-playing” stuff.

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