Game Sequel Bonanza

The other day, I just got done beating a game.

Yeah, normally this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. I mean, people beat games all the time. If they had some kind of thing that they use in those serious commercials where they say something like “someone eats a baby every 5 seconds”, then a game would probably be beaten every 2 seconds.

I realized, however, when I beat this game, that it was the 6th game in the series.

6th. Some movie series don’t even get to 6, much less games. Hell, some tv series don’t even get to 6 episodes. Yet there are some series out there that just keep going and going and going.

Still, I gotta say, it’s not that bad. I mean, to be able to sell people on the same gameplay over and over and over again – that has to be impressive. Heck, in being able to sell someone on publishing the same stuff and repackaging it that many times it’s impressive.

Best of all, it’s impressive that players like me keep buying a game that gets played with the same stuff. I mean, if it wasn’t for all the sheep that were out there that were suckered into buying the games, there wouldn’t be a case to keep making them, right?

That being said, it was fun playing the same battles for the 6th time. They always add something that is partly new or subtle, like being able to attack with a kick instead of a punch, or adding in just one more character that is playable, even if it is the same as someone else with a different palette. It can’t be that bad, right? And it’s consistent too. You always know what you’re getting. It’s like having pizza every day. It’s good right? It’s not like it has to change, right?

Hm. I can’t wait for that 7th game to come out now.

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