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Jessica Alba wavingIf only most everyone looked like Ms. Alba over here. Perhaps then we’d have a less negative forum community.

I’d have to say, looking at the way that people post on forums when they first make an impression, you’d think that they showed up to a dinner party wearing jeans and a t-shirt to a black tie affair. Whenever someone tends to introduce themselves on a forum, or make their first few posts, there’s that inevitable crap that people tend to spew on them. It’s like the geek’s version of a fraternity hazing – because, you know, all the geeks were too cool to join up with those in college, right?

Introductory posts in forums aren’t so bad. Sure, there’s a little bit of that social whoring going on, as a new poster eagerly clicks away on their intro thread, but I have to say, even the most anti-social people have some need on some level to say to people “lookit me! I r notorious bitch!”. Just look at any flame post those same people level. It screams “hug me”, honestly.

Intro posts or people just saying “hi” are a form of communication. Here on the intarwebs, text is the mode of the day, and by allowing someone to put up an intro forum post, you get an idea of whether you think they’re worth bothering with, or if they suck because they can’t be bothered to spell out “you are” or use numbers to depict words. If they didn’t post, you’d never know that they were a closet stalker and you fit their demographic – until it was too late.

Clearly online forum moderators see some merit to these posts – or, at least, a way to organize all those borderline annoying social needy people into one place. Intro threads or intro forums serve as a way for everyone to say “hi” to one another like cracked-out Furbies, while at the same time keeping out all that totally unnecessary junk out of that terribly serious thread you are having about whether or not boobs or ass is what attracts your attention. People should be thankful.

So the next time you see an intro forum post that you think is unnecessary, fight the urge to torch it to death with your incredibly intelligent way of saying “you suck”. The information might just save your sanity…and your life.

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